Capstone Medical Centre Southbank is a Mixed Billing clinic . We have Discounted rates for children less than 16 years old, and pensioners.

We offer Medicare Bulk Billing to patients with chronic disease card holders, Australian national vaccine appointments (a charge may be applied for some vaccines) a DVA card and Mental health care plan. Payment for the consultation is expected on the day. We can submit your paid account online to Medicare for claiming and refund.

Consultation fees

MONDAY – FRIDAY (8.00am – 5.00pm)



Upfront feeMedicare rebateGap (Out of pocket cost)
Standard consult$75$39.10$35.90
Long Consult$120$75.00$45.00
Pronged consult$160$111.50$48.50


For the following patients a $22 discount will be applied:

  • children aged 17 and younger.
  • patients with a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.


The following patients are bulk billed:

  • patients with a DVA gold card;
  • patients identified as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  • scheduled immunisations, including flu and COVID vaccines (with a valid Medicare card); and
  • existing patients suffering from genuine financial hardship – please enquire before your appointment.
  • Patients require Mental health care plan
  • Patients require a Chronic disease management plan

Consultation fees after hours

MONDAY – FRIDAY (5.00pm – 7.00pm)



Upfront feeMedicare rebateGap (Out of pocket cost)
Standard consult$95$39.10$55.90
Long Consult$135$75.00$60.00
Pronged consult$180$111.50$68.00


You will need to pay all fees immediately following your consultation. Payments are preferred to be made by EFTPOS, Master, or Visa card. No surcharges will be applied for card payments.

We don’t prefer cash for hygiene reasons. You will need to provide exact changes if you wish to make a cash payment. We do not accept cheques.


Suppose you have a Medicare card and have nominated your bank account details with Medicare. In that case, we can submit your Medicare claim at the time of payment, and the Medicare rebate will be deposited into your account, usually within two business days.

If not, we can send you an invoice, and you can submit your claim with Medicare yourself after the consultation.

If you don’t receive your Medicare rebate, please contact Medicare to make sure the address and bank details you have provided on file are correct. If you have already done so and you have still not received your rebate, let us know, and we will send you a copy of your invoice so you can make a manual claim – in doing so, you will be able to update your address and bank details for future rebate claims.


If your consultation relates to a TAC or Workcover claim, you will need to pay your consultation fee on the appointment day. We will provide you with an invoice, and you will then need to submit a claim for a rebate (i.e., with TAC, Workcover, or your employer). You won’t be able to make a Medicare claim unless TAC/Workcover doesn’t accept your claim.

Note that you are usually out-of-pocket after receiving your TAC/Workcover rebate (unless the consultation would have been bulk billed or concessional if Medicare applied, you will be charged the same fee as the fee you should be entitled to receive back from TAC/Workcover).

TAC/Workcover rebates are higher than Medicare rebates, so the amount you are required to pay upfront will be more significant than the fees for our standard consultations, however, the out-of-pocket amount will be similar to the amount you would be out of pocket for a regular discounted consultation (ie. $22 for a standard consult).