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Hand hygiene and handwashing

Hand hygiene and handwashing – the simple health habit that could save your life

Good hand hygiene through handwashing and hand sanitizer is the best way to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Conjoint Associate Professor Carolyn Hullick emphasizes the importance of practicing good hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face to reduce the risk of infection. Hand hygiene is crucial in preventing the spread of germs and diseases like COVID-19, influenza, and gastroenteritis. As we recognize World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5, 2023, it is important to remind people to practice good hand hygiene regularly, as it is an easy way to fight germs and stay healthy.

Using an alcohol-based handrub is the best way to clean hands when they are visibly clean. Wash hands with soap and water when they are visibly dirty or contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids, and after using the toilet. Hand hygiene is crucial in reducing the spread of germs and diseases, especially during flu season. Practicing hand hygiene complements other preventive measures such as vaccination, covering coughs and sneezes, disposing of used tissues, and staying home when unwell. Wearing a mask in public places and on public transport can also protect oneself and others. To learn more about how to protect oneself and others, one can refer to the Break the Chain of Infection poster.

Hand hygiene is essential at all times to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19, influenza, and gastroenteritis. It is a basic personal hygiene habit that is also important for food safety. Everyone should practice hand hygiene, especially before and after preparing, eating, or touching food, touching the eyes, nose, or mouth, after using the toilet, blowing or wiping the nose, sneezing or coughing, touching animals, engaging in outdoor activities, whenever hands appear dirty, and before assisting others with eating, drinking, or personal care.

Frequently used items such as phones and computers should be cleaned regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. It is also important to wash hands before using phones or other equipment if one has been coughing, sneezing, or using the toilet.


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