How Natural Disasters Affect Pregnant Women and Infants ?

How Natural Disasters Affect Pregnant Women and Infants ?
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori

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Pregnant Women and Infants

How Natural Disasters Affect Pregnant Women and Infants ?

In recent years, Australia has been subject to numerous, life-threatening natural disasters – ranging from flooding and bush fires, all the way to earthquakes. These are stressful events and for pregnant women, such environmental stressors can be harmful to the healthy development of your baby. 

As we progress into the near future, there will be even more devastating natural disasters, which makes it essential for new mothers to be aware of the impacts these events can have upon their new-born babies.

A recent 2018 study investigated the association between severe cyclone events and birth outcomes in Queensland. Approximately, 600,000 livebirths were investigated since 2008, in relation to tropical cyclones. 

Results proved that environmental stress yielded unfavourable outcomes amongst these livebirths. For example, a natural disaster that coincided with mid-term pregnancy was associated with low-birthweight births, whereas during early pregnancy, led to premature births.

These findings demonstrated a link between natural disasters and adverse health outcomes for newborn babies. It is crucial, that pregnant females are closely monitored and supported during times of both emotional and environmental trauma, in order to optimise the wellbeing and health of our children.

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