Significant Harm Linked to Vaping

Significant Harm Vaping
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori

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Significant Harm Linked to Vaping

The topic of vaping has been a subject of controversy over the past decade, with debates surrounding its potential risks and benefits. Advocates argue that it presents a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, while critics express concern that it may serve as a gateway for young people to take up tobacco smoking.

Significant Harm Linked to Vaping

A new comprehensive review of evidence conducted by the Australian National University has found that e-cigarettes do, in fact, pose significant risks, including the potential for lung injury, burns, seizures, and an increased likelihood of transitioning to cigarette smoking.

Moreover, the review discovered that advancements in the technology used by e-cigarettes or ‘vapes’ could be leading to increased dependency over time. Users of ‘fourth generation’ cartridge and pod-style vapes, which are often single-use and disposable, typically exhibited higher dependence scores than earlier generations of vaping technology, such as first-generation ‘cigalike’ device

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