The Connection Between Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function

The Connection Between Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori
Dr. Benyamin Mansoori

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sleep Quality Over Quantity

The Connection Between Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function

The common wisdom is that adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep every night to feel rejuvenated and operate efficiently the following day. However, new research suggests that the quality of that sleep might be more vital than the quantity.

Sleep Quality Over Quantity

An international research endeavor spearheaded by Monash University discovered that the consistency and quality of sleep throughout the night are more closely related to better cognitive performance than merely the amount of sleep.
This study, published in JAMA Network Open, delved into the sleep patterns of 5,946 American adults. Participants underwent an overnight sleep study combined with neuropsychological evaluations in five separate community-based cohorts.

Associate Professor Matthew Pase of the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University highlighted, “Our research indicates that various aspects of sleep are crucial for cognitive well-being, especially the quality of someone’s nightly rest and the presence or absence of sleep apnoea.”

In-depth analysis revealed that superior sleep quality and the lack of sleep apnoea in adults between 58-89 years of age, who hadn’t suffered from strokes or dementia, correlated with enhanced cognitive abilities over a span of five years.
The standout observation, as per Associate Professor Pase, was the clear link between even mild to severe sleep apnoea and deteriorated cognitive functions. He noted that such individuals displayed poorer thinking and memory capabilities.
Highlighting the significance of this discovery, he mentioned, “While some studies have hinted at a connection between obstructive sleep apnoea and cognitive decline, they’ve typically depended on subjects already diagnosed with the condition.”

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