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Dr. Pouloudia Pahtsivanidis

Dr. Pouloudia Pahtsivani
Dr. Pouloudia Pahtsivanidis

Dr. Pouloudia Pahtsivanidis

Dr. Pauline is a distinguished general medicine practitioner with a vast experience in hospital and general practice.

 Inspired by her family’s emphasis on education and service, she pursued medicine and graduated from a renowned medical school. Over time, she specialized in Women’s and Men’s health treatment, focusing on Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help patients deal with aging. 
Dr. Pauline’s commitment to medical excellence, her contributions to general medicine, and her innovative use of medicinal cannabis have significantly impacted the healthcare field. Despite her achievements, she continually strives for improvement and innovation in patient care.

SpecialityGP Specialist
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