• Pathology Services

      Pathology Services

      Pathology Collection and Blood Testing
      Blood Pressure Monitor – By Appointment Only
      Holter Monitor – By Appointment Only
      Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

    • Skin Cancer and Mole Mapping Clinic

      Skin Cancer and Mole Mapping Clinic

      Full-body skin cancer checks
      What is Mole Mapping?
      What does mole mapping involve?
      How to prepare for Mole Mapping?

    • Cosmetic, Skin Clinic and Dermatology

      Cosmetic, Skin Clinic and Dermatology

      Facial Rejuvenation | Anti-wrinkle Injections | Dermal Fillers | Lip Fillers | Volumising Fillers | Hyperhidrosis Treatment | Fat Dissolving

    • Vaccinations


      Flu Immunisation
      COVID-19 Immunisation Services
      Whooping Cough Immunisation
      Meningococcal Immunisation
      Measles , Mumps & Rubella Immunisation
      Children and adult Immunization

    • Weight Management Clinic

      Weight Management Clinic

      Pregnancy and post-partum nutrition
      Nutrition For Chronic liver disease
      Nutrition for Chronic kidney impairment
      Bulimia nervosa and Anorexia nervosa
      Specific nutritional deficiency

    • Men’s Health

      Men’s Health

      Sexual Health ,STI screening and treatment
      Erectile dysfunction
      Premature ejaculation
      Annual Health Check-up
      Prostate screening
      Skin Check

    • Iron Infusion

      Iron Infusion

      When it comes to injecting iron, it refers to administering liquid iron directly into a vein. This type of treatment is also known as intravenous (IV) treatment. An iron injection is one of the ways to treat iron deficiency anemia