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Iron Infusion

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Intravenous (IV)
Iron Infusions

Why is Iron important?

Iron is used to make hemoglobin – the part of our red blood cells that carries oxygen around our body. Iron is also important for muscle strength, energy and good mental function.

If your iron levels are low this might make you feel tired and unable to do normal daily activities.

What is Iron Infusion ?

When it comes to Iron Infusion , it refers to administering liquid iron directly into a vein. This type of treatment is also known as intravenous (IV) treatment.An iron injection is one of the ways to treat iron deficiency anemia.

Easy and fast way to treat your iron deficiency

Iron Deficiency

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What is Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency is due to insufficient iron. Without enough iron, your body cannot produce enough haemoglobin in the red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen. You can often correct iron deficiency with iron supplementation. However, in certain cases people often require intravenous iron infusions.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anaemia include:

Why Iron injection ?

Why iron injections are sometimes preferred over other methods, for example, orally. The main reason is fast access to blood flow, so the absorption of liquid medicine or nutrients is faster and more effective.
If you have iron-deficiency anemia, your doctor may prescribe an iron injection. Iron deficiency anemia is usually treated with dietary supplements, iron pills, and dietary changes. However, if a patient with iron deficiency anemia has any of the following, your doctor may prescribe an iron injection. These include:

Why might I need Intravenous (IV) Iron?

The most common way to treat iron deficiency is to take iron by mouth as a table or liquid. This works well for most people and often tried first. However, some people may need iron to be given straight into the body by a vein. This is called an Intravenous (IV) iron infusion.
The iron is given through a needle and infused into your vein. The infusion is made up of iron. IV iron might also be needed if you:

treat your iron deficiency

When it comes to injecting iron, it refers to administering liquid iron directly into a vein. This type of treatment is also known as intravenous (IV) treatment. An iron injection is one of the ways to treat iron deficiency anemia

Are there any side effects with IV Iron?

At Capstone Medical Centre Southbank you will discuss with the doctor about side effects prior to the IV iron infusion.

The most common side effects are temporary and include:
Uncommon side effects

What happens during an IV iron infusion?

At Capstone Medical Centre Southbank we have a friendly and professional team. We offer IV iron infusions to adults over 18 years old who are Iron deficient.An iron infusion involves:

About the procedure

IV iron infusions at Capstone Medical centre will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes. When you arrive at the clinic you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist staff. The doctor will discuss the procedure in detail and a consent form will be signed.Vital signs will be taken regularly by our nursing staff. You will be monitored closely by our doctor and nurse.An intravenous cannula will be inserted in your arm for the duration of the infusion. The infusion takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. There is a period of monitoring required after the infusion.

How do I prepare for an iron infusion?

Fasting is not required for the procedure, we advise that you consume food and drink prior to the procedure. You can take all your regular medications for the day. Patients will be able to drive home and continue with your normal activities after the infusion.

If your GP is referring you ensure to bring the referral letter and a copy of your most recent blood results.

How long after my iron infusion will I start to feel better?

Your iron levels will be restored directly post infusion; however, it can take up to two weeks before you start to notice a difference and feel better. After a month of iron infusion, your doctor will ask for a blood test to check your iron level.


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