At Capstone medical Center Southbank our doctors are available to help with a Wide variety range of Men’s health

Capstone Men’s Health

Capstone Medical Centre Southbank

Men’s Health

Capstone Men Health Clinic in Southbank

Most of men’s health conditions can be treated if diagnosed early, including sexual health in men, which are common in all men’s group age. 

We understand how sensitive men’s diseases are and how important the management of your problem. We will work confidentiality with you to find the diagnosis.

Following are the Capstone Men’s Health services:

Essential screening tests for men, weight management and cholesterol control, Depression in men, Erectile dysfunction, Male pattern baldness, Penis problems, Prostate issue (cancer), Sexually transmitted infections (STI), Premature ejaculation, Low Libido, Ejaculation Problems

At Capstone medical Center our doctors are available to help with a range of men’s health issues including:

  • Sexually transmitted infections is common and are screened for in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients so that appropriate treatment can be provided to avoid any long term consequences
  • Advice on safe sexual practice
  • Support will also be provided for informing exposed contacts
  • Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is not able to achieve an erection adequate for sexual intercourse
  • This can affect men of all ages and has a range of cause both medical and psychological
  • A range of treatments are available including lifestyle changes and medications
  • Premature ejaculation is ejaculation before or just after penetration and can cause embarrassment and performance anxiety
  • A range of treatment options are available that your GP will discuss with you
  • Diabetes, Blood pressure, weight Management and other general health check
  • You may need to get medical advise if: Hair loss occurs in an unusual pattern, such as rapid hair loss, widespread hair loss, patchy hair loss, or hair breakage. Hair loss occurs with itching, skin irritation, redness, scaling, pain, or other symptoms. Hair loss occurs after starting to take the drug. You want hair loss treatment.
    At Capstone Medical Centre we provide a variety range of treatment.
  • Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common causes of ill health in our community
  • Blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol and other lipid monitoring, stroke risk assessment to identify any problems and risks early
  • Diabetes is a common condition that can have serious long term consequences. Detection of diabetes is through tests that measure blood glucose. Monitoring of the long term consequences of diabetes such as changes in vision and kidney disease is important.
  • Evidence based treatment to lower the risk of cardiovascular events and control diabetes are available and can be discussed with your GP
  • Prostate cancer occurs in older men as does benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) – an issue which can cause problems with urination.
  • Mental health problems are common in the community and your GP can help in detection and management of all mental health conditions using validated screening methods and evidence based treatments as well as referral to services such as psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Mental health plans and support for prevalent conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • Maintaining appropriate weight is important for all aspects of health
  • Tailored support on diet and exercise is available to help achieve a healthy weight

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