At Capstone medical Center Southbank our doctors are available to help with a range of Mental health issues

Mental Health

Capstone Medical Centre Southbank

Mental Health

Capstone Medical Centre provides counselling and treatment services for mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar and other mental illnesses according to the updated mental health management. We care deeply about the privacy of our patients and all our efforts are to provide a safe environment for our patients. 

Our doctors recommend the appropriate management plan to the patients with a careful evaluation of the patients. The treatment plan includes medication, self-management and psychotherapy including mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. At Capstone Medical Centre, our doctors are compassionate for patients in difficult times.

Mental Health Medical Centre Southbank
Mental health services offered at Capstone Medical Centre include:

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At Capstone Medical Centre, Patients can ask for Gp Mental plan, review Gp mental plan and eating disorder management plan