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Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Employment Medical Assessment

Why do I need a Pre-Employment Medical Assessment?

The Pre-employment Medical Assessment (PEMA) is a recruitment tool which aims to provide an in-depth or basic tailored report the health and wellbeing of employees. It is a frequently performed assessment which informs employers whether employees are fit, healthy and capable of performing certain jobs. It can be requested in any field of work; however, it is commonly used in the following industries:

If you are looking to apply for jobs in the aforementioned industries and require a PEMA or a workplace requiring a specialised & conveniently located clinic to conduct a PEMA – we can help you.  Call (03)9686-2222 or book online 

What will happen when I come in for a Pre-Employment Medical Assessment?

  • Each PEMA will be tailored to the needs of each individual and adapted as necessary.

Our doctors will organise a specialised tailored appointment for the following as required:

  1. Medical History – a thorough history will be taken by our doctors to create a baseline, this will include questions about past medical conditions, medications, allergies, previous surgeries, smoking & alcohol, social history, exercise, immunisation history etc.
  2. Medical Examination – a complete head to toe examination assessing neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory as well as gastrointestinal function. Referrals can be made for immunisation serology testing (where immunisation history is not available), other pathology (available onsite) and radiology (x-ray, ultrasound, MRI & CT scan)
  3. Investigations – baseline investigations are available onsite including:
    • Near, distance & colour vision
    • Audiology examination including hearing test
    • ECG & Blood Pressure
    • Drug and alcohol screening
    • Urine drug screen (confirmation testing by Clinical Labs for non-negatives)
    • Urinalysis
    • Height, weight & BMI,
    • Blood sugar levels
    • Spirometry (lung function test) & Peak flow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fitness and health are crucial to every single employee – without it, they will not be able to work proficiently. The PEMA provides insights into the health and wellbeing of future employees and provides employers with even more information about prospective employees, which may also aid the recruitment process. It also works towards creating a safe work environment, that is devoid of injuries and manifests opportunities for employers to better support their employees.

  • Contact Capstone Medical Centre on (03) 9686 2222 and book in a consultation with one of our lovely doctors. If you have any questions, please clarify with our receptionists.
  • The doctor will perform all the necessary assessments and investigations.
  • Results will be written up and provided as soon as possible.
  • Our clinicians are highly trained and experienced in conducting PEMAs.
  • We provide services that are tailored specifically to the individual.
  • Investigations (e.g., blood tests) can be performed on-site with our 4cyte pathology service.

PEMA Assesment are performed by professional medical staff at Capstone Medical Centre Southbank. For more information, call us today!