Weight Management Clinic

Why Weight Management, Today, due to unfavorable physical and mental health conditions such as depression, lack of skills in personal relationships, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy nutrition in the community, the incidence of mental illness, vascular, gastrointestinal, etc. have increased. Having unfavorable eating habits and not having enough mobility, exercise and vitality in daily life leads to metabolic disorders such as obesity and not having a proper body and as a result, causes various diseases. Today, the specialists and doctors of Capstone Medical Centre have offer up-to-date solutions for a healthy lifestyle with weight management

AS weight assessment and management are a complex issue that requires a variety of treatment options.

Weight Management Clinic

Capstone weight management services include :

  • lifestyle program for weight management
  • Weight and body mass assessment including BMI, Skinfold Thickness and Bioelectric Impedance (BIA)
  • Personalised dietary plans and recommendations for healthy Lifestyle, programs Weight loss and program for weight gain
  • Bulk billing consultations is available under a care plan Access to an endocrinologist (Dr Amin Sharifi) as well as Consultation and referral to bariatric surgery (Dr Mani Nizai)
  • Medications including ¬†appetite suppressants or Lipase inhibitors.

Other Services

  • Pregnancy and post-partum nutrition

  • Nutrition For Chronic liver disease

  • Nutrition for Chronic kidney impairment

  • Bulimia nervosa and Anorexia nervosa

  • Specific nutritional deficiency

  • Nutrition for chronic disease

  • Nutrition for Heart failure and cardiovascular disease

  • Capstone Athlete nutrition /Sports nutrition

Weight Loss Program

  • Interested in weight loss surgery?

  • Meet our surgeons

  • Psychology and weight loss management