What are we offering in Cosmetic Center?

Here at Capstone Medical we offer a variation of Cosmetic surgical procedures for our clients; our Cosmetic Center is provided with the most specialized physicians and latest solutions at any age. We have made it easy and also affordable for any kind of procedure that you plan to take at Capstone Medical Centre. The programs we are considering for our clients are varied from health checkup to preventative services and also surgical services based on your desire and what you demand.

Cosmetic procedures can make you feel better, whether it is because of illness, aging or any other issue that you are having. Our promise is to provide what you demand, and from the very first moment of any procedure that you are taking we try to work closely in order to understand what you really going to need, and to ensure that it is going to be done carefully and precisely, then you are going to have the best team of specialized health care professionals with you.

if you have any concerns of that feel free to call us in Capstone Medical Centre, our specialized medical health team are always here to listen to your concerns and recommend the best options possible for your situation.

Mole Mapping

We always try to find the best solutions to help one with his/her skin health situation, therefore among the variety of services here in our clinic, we are considering Mole Mapping for those who might be concerned about detection and treatment of Skin Cancer. Mole Mapping is one of the most effective ways of detecting skin cancer at the very early stage.

Our Dermatologists then will review the result of mole mapping and check the photographs for any moles. Afterward the result of  mole mapping is stored and used for comparison to identify any change on the moles or detecting new ones over time.

Do I need a Mole Check?

If you are concerned about skin cancer or you are at high or average risk of it then you should probably go for a mole check. If you notice any obvious change on your skin which is concerning you, then it is better to get them checked as soon as possible. It is specifically important to get a check if:

  • You have a large number of moles
  • Your moles have an unusual appearance
  • You have a personal or family history of skin cancer
  • You have a suppressed immune system

As mentioned above, there are a variety of services we have provided regarding your Skin Health situations, therefore if you have any question to be asked, feel free to call us.

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